R&B/Jazz/Funk - from New York City


“The music of 'Nuf Said is neither jazz nor funk nor soul nor rock. It's all of it and more. This New York-based quintet taps into each of those styles and mixes them all together to create a groove-heavy, stirring brand of music that's all its own.
[……]There may be a rhythm-centered aesthetic here, but you can't pin down the deliciously omnidirectional approach of 'Nuf Said. There's is a sound that abounds with many musical flavors and scents.” 3.5/4 Stars - Album “Rise”
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“Back at Stage 2, New York outfit Nuf Said ended the night with its jazzy R&B, the group's swirling horns proving a pleasant and compelling addition to the gently strong vocals of lead singer Ioana Vintu and the mellow guitar-bass combination in the background. […] Nuf Said seamlessly melds genres such as jazz, R&B, and funk while showing that they can end a talent-packed festival such as CMJ with festive boldness.” - Zach Weg , The Deli Magazine

International Jazz News: Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Spotlight: 'Nuf Said

"...shades of jazz, hints of funk, a touch of soul and a garnish of rock. Yep, it is hard to pin down. Their sound is unique, combining jazzy vocals, funky grooves and plenty of spontaneous improvisation."
Bill Bucks, Soul and Jazz and Funk